The Ultimate Guide to Resetting Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

Is the elusive reset button on your Frigidaire refrigerator playing a game of hide-and-seek? Alas, it’s not the type to reveal itself at the cessation of your search. Much like its modern counterparts, your Frigidaire fridge eschews the conventional dedicated reset button. But fear not, as we unravel alternative methods to resetting frigidaire refrigerator appliance in this detailed guide.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Refrigerator

Power Cycling Method

  1. Step 1: Disconnect the power cord of your Frigidaire refrigerator or switch it off at the circuit breaker.
    • Simply flip the switch on the circuit breaker to the OFF position, severing the power connection.
  2. Step 2: After 10 to 15 minutes, reestablish power by plugging in the cord or flipping the circuit breaker switch back to the ON position.
    • This action restores power and initiates the appliance reset.

Power Cool + Power Freezer Combination

  1. Step 1: Identify the Power Cool and Power Freezer buttons on the Frigidaire control panel.
  2. Step 2: Simultaneously press the Power Cool and Power Freezer buttons for a few seconds until the fridge resets.
  3. Step 3: Patiently await the refrigerator to restart.

Exploring the Power of Power Cycling

For a swift reset of your Frigidaire refrigerator or any other appliance, consider the power cycling method. If the dedicated reset button remains elusive, power cycling proves to be a pragmatic alternative. Two approaches are available: unplugging the fridge’s power cord or deactivating its power through the circuit breaker.

In most modern households, the circuit breaker typically finds its home in low-traffic areas like the basement, garage, or supply room.

Unlocking the Potential: Power Cool + Power Freezer

If your Frigidaire model boasts the Power Cool and Power Freezer buttons, utilize this dynamic combination for a seamless reset. After pressing these buttons, your unit gracefully powers off and autonomously restarts.

Ensure these buttons grace your control panel, usually detailed in your user manual.

How To Reset the Water Filter Light

Your refrigerator’s water filter demands replacement every six months, a task influenced by usage and water quality. Fear not, as your fridge comes equipped with a water filter light that signals when a change is due. Once the filter is replaced, follow these steps to reset the indicator light for a timely reminder six months hence:

  1. Tap on the Options button on the display.
  2. Scroll down and select Water Filter.
  3. Press and hold the Set button until the display ceases its flashing.

How to Reset the Defrost Timer of a Frigidaire Refrigerator

The defrost timer, a conductor of temperature regulation in your Frigidaire refrigerator, orchestrates periodic halts to the compressor and evaporator fan motors. For older models experiencing timer-related hitches, a reset may prove efficacious. Here’s how to reset the defrost timer on a Top Freezer Frigidaire model:

  1. Locate the defrost timer, consulting your user manual for expedited guidance.
  2. Identify the circular notch on the timer.
  3. Utilize a flathead screwdriver to turn the notch counterclockwise until the fan motors cease running.
  4. Patiently await a few minutes for your fridge to commence defrosting.

How to Reset Frigidaire Fridge Alarm

Your Frigidaire refrigerator communicates through a variety of alarms, offering insights into different errors. Let’s delve into a quick overview of these alarms and how to reset them:

Power Failure Alarm

  • Consult your user manual for model-specific instructions.
  • Reset the PF alarm by pressing Mute Alarm or Default Settings.
  • If unsuccessful, navigate to the Options menu, select the PF alarm, and push the Set button for a reset.

High Temp Alarm

  • Silence the High Temp alarm by pressing the Mute Alarm.

Door Ajar Alarm

  • Press the Set button to reset the Door Ajar alarm.

Flapper Alarm

  • Await an automatic reset after 2 minutes.
  • For a manual reset, remove the obstructing ice cube and press the Set button.

Sabbath Mode

  • Consult your user manual for detailed instructions.
  • For Frigidaire Gallery models, simultaneously press the arrow down and + buttons for 5 seconds.
  • For Frigidaire Professional models, press the – and + keys simultaneously for 5 seconds.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do a hard reset on my refrigerator?

To perform a hard reset on your Frigidaire refrigerator, follow these steps: First, unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet or switch off the circuit breaker that supplies power to it. Leave it disconnected for about 5-10 minutes to ensure all internal components are reset.

Afterward, plug it back in or turn the circuit breaker on, and your refrigerator should restart with default settings. This procedure can help resolve various issues, but be sure to refer to your refrigerator’s manual for specific instructions as there may be model variations.

How do I reset my Frigidaire screen?

To reset the screen on your Frigidaire refrigerator, follow these general steps: First, locate the control panel or screen on your specific model. Then, press and hold the “Options” or “Settings” button (the exact button label may vary depending on your model) for about 5-10 seconds until you see the screen display turn off and back on, indicating a reset.

This action typically restores the screen to its default settings. However, it’s essential to consult your refrigerator’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for model-specific instructions, as the procedure may differ for various Frigidaire refrigerator models.

How do you unfreeze a Frigidaire?

To unfreeze a Frigidaire freezer, start by emptying it and turning it off. Unplug it, open the door, and let the ice melt naturally. You can speed up the process with hot water or a hairdryer on low. Once the ice is gone, clean and dry the interior.

Plug the freezer back in, set the temperature, and wait for it to reach the desired level before putting your frozen items back in. Refer to your specific model’s manual for detailed instructions.